Hotrods go climbing - The VHRA GOW Hillclimb

Words: Scott Blackburn Photos: Maisie Walker

Composed to: Revolution Radio - Green Day


From the 24th to the 26th of August the wonderful people from the Vintage Hot Rod Association spent a weekend hurtling their beautiful old machines up a hill in the Cotswolds at the Prescott Speed Hillclimb track. The event is untimed and is simply a celebration of the machines they love and a chance to drive them a little faster and more freely than usual. After some very English weather during the set up the event was kicked off with a pre-party on the Friday night with plenty of booze and a perfect mix of rock 'n' roll, Northern Soul, and ska.  


Saturday morning got off to a noisy start as the vintage creations were fired into life after the track was declared open at 10am. Just in case all of the hot rodding and ska wasn't cool enough (ska's always cool, even when you remember the main dance is the skank) at 11 the VHRA took part in Miles for Smiles. This charitable organisation puts people in the passenger seats of cars that are a little less ordinary, on this occasion Acorn's Children's Hospice, Charlton Farm, and the Freedom Day Centre were the chosen ones to be chucked around the hills.


All in all the Saturday was a largely uninterrupted day of loud, high-powered fun, save for a misjudged corner sending a driver into the gravel. During the lunch break a team of judges had wondered about the paddocks to survey the offerings in order to select the Car of GOW!, selecting five potentials. At the end of the day the winner of the prestigious (kind of) title went to Stuart Loeker's Model B Ford. The GOW Hillclimb was the first time Loeker's Ford had seen the light of day in 15 years, so not a bad start really. Of course the event was rounded off with another party, just to get the last bit of beer in.