A reason to visit Oregon - The One Moto Show 2019

Words: Scott Blackburn Images: One Moto Show


10 years ago, in an abandoned warehouse in Portland, Oregon, a little gem of motorcycle culture was born. This gem was The One Motorcycle Show. Set up to showcase the best, weirdest and rarest that the custom scene had to offer, the show is now in its 10th year. Not only is the show a chance to oggle some amazing bikes it's also the chance to see some bands, drink some beer and generally dick about.


This year's show was a big one, with over 90 builders coming from over 110 different countries. The event itself occupied over 60,000 square feet of Oregonian soil to show off over 200 custom builds and give some room to get some races going. On which note there was also, as usual, a series of flat-track races, giving riders of all ages a chance to win a bit of beer money.


The event ran from the 7th all the way to Sunday the 10th. Anyone with the funds and or the means to get there should definitely make the trip next year, One Moto is an awesome show and a credit to the US motorcycle scene. With any luck we might make it out there ourselves one year.


Full details of the show can be found over at their website including the schedule for the three days, which looked amazing.