The Batmobile that brought Mr. Freeze to justice

Words: Scott Blackburn

Composed to: Black Sabbath - Master of Reality


The year is 1997, Batman has suddenly begun to bear a strange resemblance to George Clooney and he has a new Batmobile, after having his previous model destroyed by the Riddler.

This new iteration comes with plenty of distinctive bat-like features and almost worrying amounts of fire. Then again maybe the fire was a good thing given that his nemesis on this occasion was a man of ice with a weird obsession with ice-based puns.

This new model Batmobile was something of a statement at 10 m long and running a Chevy 350 ZZ3 engine. It definitely had the look of something that a bat-obsessed billionaire would drive to match his rubber bat suit.

Despite the eccentric appearance the Batmobile could still hit 230 mph unaided and with the afterburner boost could hit 350 mph. Although I can't imagine how terrifying that is when you can't turn your head.


Sporting custom 22" rims and prototype GoodYear tyres the lengthy beast had no trouble putting the power down and thanks to the 'T' axis wheelbase it was capable of a 90 degree turn at over 70 mph without losing speed.

As ... interesting as the new Batmobile was it still turned out to be the perfect tool to help Batman and his sidekicks defeat the pun-loving Austrian ice nutter and his friends, one of whom looks a little like she may have been in Pulp Fiction in another life perhaps.

So if your city is ever attacked by an angry ice man screaming puns and causing a bit of a nuisance, don't forget to consider the old Batmobile. You'll certainly stand out from the crowd.