The custom motorcycle from a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away - Rey's Speeder

Words: Scott Blackburn   Images: Courtesy of Star Wars

Composed to: Seasick Steve - I Started Out With Nothin' And I Still Got Most Of It Left


Cobbled together from scraps on the desert planet of Jakku by the next Jedi to be and at that time a scavenger, there once was a rectangle. Except this rectangle was ridiculously fast and built from scratch. The scavenger in question was Rey and she built something unique and a little mechanically scary, yet beautiful. Born to scavenger parents and sold off as a child Rey was forced to find her own way of doing things, and her speeder is definitely testament to that. It draws heavily from the 'swoop' family of speeders, which are like normal speeders except they kill people more often and go a lot faster in the process.


In terms of appearance Rey's contraption isn't much to look at, with its brown, oblong body it could be mistaken for a flying poop...just a weirdly shaped fact if yours look like that see a doctor. The point is: looks can be deceiving. The speeder is constructed from parts collected from the starship graveyard of the Niina Outpost and from Teedo traders. It's a combination of military hardware and just bits.


Rey chose to power her speeder with twin-turbojet engines from an old cargo hauler. These were mounted one on top of the other, instead of the usual side by side arrangement, and then bolted to powered amplifier intakes taken from an Imperial Gunship. She then further modified them by attaching some racing-swoop afterburners. The vertical lift is given by scavenged repulsorlift units from downed X-Wing fighters, the Resistance's loss was her gain.


Jakku being a bit of a thief-ridden shithole, Rey saw fit to add a fingerprint reader and wire in an electric-shock frame to give would-be thieves a surprise. Thanks to the stupid amounts of power the custom speeder was perfect for long range scavenging trips and hauling large amounts of scrap. Without a load Rey's machine is capable of full flight and at huge speeds, more than making up for its crude appearance.


Like other Jedi before her Rey proved with her speeder that she was not only an incredibly capable engineer but also that she was a hell of a pilot to be able to fly a giant engine with a seat. With its blocky appearance and astonishing performance Rey's speeder bike is the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing and is the perfect machine for hauling scrap, outrunning thieves and collecting small, basketball-like droids in the desert.