'The last of the V8s' - The V8 Interceptor

Words: Scott Blackburn

Composed to: Bad Brains - Bad Brains


Now hailed as the 'last of the V8s', the V8 Interceptor notably used by Max Rockatansky during his time serving in the Main Force Patrol and since is a testament to wasteland engineering. Proof that Australia is capable of more than just providing a breeding ground for poisonous things that hide in toilets, the Interceptor became the ultimate vehicle for patrolling the outback. Through its several evolutions the V8 beast kept Rockatansky mean and mobile until its fiery end.


Using a 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT coupe as a base machine the Interceptor was constructed using odds and ends from the wasteland and was the pride of the MFP, who famously used it to bribe Rockatansky to remain amongst their ranks. Unlike most of the remarkably un-menacing MFP vehicles, which came in a fetching shade of yellow, the V8 Interceptor was given a coat of purest black and a turbocharged monster of a V8 producing, according to Barry, 600hp.


After being used for his MFP work Max took the Interceptor along on a killing spree: he was a bit miffed that the Toecutter gang had killed his family. Following this....little trip the wasteland-mobile got some upgrades, primarily two huge fuel tanks where the boot used to be putting the fuel capacity up to a kangaroo-drowning 200L. The front bumper was also removed to improve the off-road performance and a small arsenal of weapons hidden in and around the vehicle along with a custom seat for Max's canine friend.


The Interceptor sadly spent the next few years slowly falling into disrepair as materials became more and more scarce (Australia's a rough place) until, while in a particular low point, Rockatansky managed to lose it to the War Boyz. The upside however was that the War Boyz went ahead and restored the tired Interceptor, adding another supercharger, raising the rear suspension and flaring the rear fender wells to make room for the new 37" off-road tyres. Although the spray-paint obsessed gang did then go and crash the thing in a fireball, so you win some you lose some.


Overall the V8 Interceptor was a testament to what some half mad Aussies can do with an old Ford and a bunch of scavenged parts. It proved itself to be the ultimate post-apocalyptic off-road machine, lasting for longer than you might expect a vehicle to last without the materials to maintain it. Ultimately one of the Interceptor's biggest strengths was that it just looked cool.