Bumblebee - The sentient Camaro

Words: Scott Blackburn

Composed to: Monster Truck - Sittin' Heavy


Everyone's aware of the giant, living robots that have been on earth for longer than we can imagine right? Well among them is one particularly yellow and friendly machine, Bumblebee. A member of the Autobots (the ones who don't want us dead) and one of Optimus Prime's most trusted lieutenants, this particular Transformer has something of a special relationship with humans and American muscle.


Bumblebee first found his way to Earth sometime before the Second World War, and spent the duration of the war (or the part of it that the Americans decided to show up for) helping to fight the Nazis. This was when he took his first disguise as a military truck. Since then Bee has had a whole host of much more interesting and much more yellow forms.


Among these have been a VW Bug, kind of appropriately, and a whole host of Chevy Cameros, ranging from a modified 1968 SS to the most modern and even concept models. Somehow it does seem more appropriate for a giant fighting robot to take the form of a V8 muscle car than a 24 horsepower family car from the dreams of a mad man.


At some point in his battle-scarred past Bee was damaged so much that his voice box stopped functioning, leaving him, by human standards, mute. However he is still able to communicate with other Autobots through internal radio frequencies and even with humans through fragments of voices from popular media. This giant, yellow mute has been looking after Earth on the Autobot's behalf for almost a hundred years. As Cameros go then this one's pretty special.