A wonder of electric motorcycle production - The E1 Elasticycle

Words: Scott Blackburn   Images: Disney

Composed to: Danzig - Danzig


Since their dealings with Syndrome a few years back the Parr family have gone on to do some incredible things. But like any good superheroes they need the odd gadget. One of the most notable lately is Elastigirl's Elasticycle, custom built for her by the DevTech corporation. Their latest machine isn't just a cool toy for Elastigirl though, it's a major breakthrough in electric motorcycle technology, suck on that Harley.


The E1 Elasticycle was designed by DecTech's lead designer, Evelyn Deavor and just looks like it was built to go fast and look good doing it. The streak of red is built using carbon fibre and magnesium to keep the weight down on nearly all the parts. With its clip-on handle bars, spoked wheels, and aggressive riding position the Elasticycle is reminiscent of the Café Racers of the '50s and '60s. The front faring, housing the multi-spectrum LED headlamp, is low-profile yet aerodynamically intelligent so as to provide enough wind protection without compromising on style.


Almost fast enough to rival Dash (though maybe not when he runs on water like a Jesus lizard) the Elasticycle is capable of 155mph powered by its oil-cooled E-motor and lithium-sulphur battery. It's spoked wheels are made from the same carbon fibre-magnesium alloy and most of the body to keep the unsprung weight to a minimum and allow for greater manoeuvrability. One of the Elasticycle's more impressive features however is one that is orientated specifically towards Elastigirl. The bike is capable of releasing the electromagnets that hold it together and separating down the middle into two parts, allowing for Elastigirl to become part of the frame. This gives an unrivalled level of manoeuvrability only achievable if your body's made of the same stuff they put in those weird stretchy things you ping at people.

Elasticycle Still Image (1).jpg

With its ride-by-wire control and in-built infotainment system the E1 Elasticycle is easily enough to rival any motorcycle in production today. In terms of style and technology DevTech's latest machine is enough to put the likes of Harley and Triumph to shame. On the off chance that you too are a human rubber band then you can also make use of the stretch-specific adaptations as well. Hopefully we'll soon see stretchy superheroes everywhere riding Elasticycles.