The interstellar Winnebago - Eagle 5

Words: Scott Blackburn

Composed to: Seasick Steve - Man From Another Time


A few weeks ago Ferrous brought you a summary of the Lotus Esprit sports car that could go underwater. This week we have another fantastic vehicular adaptation, in the form of a 1986 Winnebago Chieftain that can take you into space. This spectacular creation is, as far as anyone knows, a one-of-a-kind build and definitely expands the potential usefulness of the otherwise earth-bound motor-home. This week we bring you Eagle 5.


This space faring campervan was the very same that was piloted by the now famous Lone Starr and his trusty companion, Barf. It was the transport that allowed them to save Princess Vespa from Dark Helmet's evil clutches and earn their way to pay off the notorious gangster, Pizza the Hutt. As it happened the 1 million spacebucks they earned turned out to be irrelevant as Pizza the Hutt was in the end his own undoing, as he ate himself to death.


Eagle 5 itself is essentially a Chieftain with rocket boosters and wings hitched to the back. It's no surprise then that the interior is that of a Winnebago, with the driver's cabin serving as a cockpit, a kitchenette towards the back and Mawg's room. Although Mawg's room is actually just a fire hydrant with some graffiti on it. Despite appearances though Eagle 5 is not simply a space bound living room, it has its fair share of adaptations.


Besides the huge rockets and rear wing Eagle 5 comes equipped with a TV in the cockpit, a periscope, secret hyperjets, and an infrared scanner. Perhaps the most impressive function of all is the ability to fire a huge jar of raspberry jam at a target, in order to jam their radar of course. All of this high tech gadgetry made the flying Winnebago the perfect machine for Lone Starr and Barf on their rescue mission, ever motivated by the "shit load of money" promised to them by King Roland.


It must be said then that Eagle 5 makes the perfect vehicle for interstellar rescue missions, with the practicality of a motor-home and high-tech gadgets to rival Q-Branch, they never thought to hide a giant jar of jam in their DB5.