The world's first magic Triumph

Words: Scott Blackburn

Composed to: Metallica - Ride the Lightning


The world has seen more than its fair share of magic, from David Copperfield to Vin Diesel's acting career, but nothing compares to the world's only known flying Triumph motorcycle. This airborne bike and sidecar played a crucial role in the illusive world of magic and looked and sounded good doing it.


The bike is, in fact, a Triumph Bonneville T120, built in 1959 with its 649cc parallel twin engine. But obviously as is usually the case with wizarding types, this is no ordinary Triumph T120. The pretty British machine originally belonged to Sirius Black, who made it what it was. The magic Triumph has a proud history of usage and adaptation in order to aid Harry Potter, the Order of the Phoenix and others fighting magic's darker side. The T120 found itself in the hands of the half giant, Rubeus Hagrid, when he used it to rescue Potter from the scene of his parent's murders and deliver him to the infamous Dursleys at Private Drive.


Following a series of modifications the motorcycle was also then used to deliver Potter to the Order of the Phoenix. Carried out by Arthur Weasley, the modifications then included, among other things, the ability to produce a large net, a solid brick wall out of thin air, and to spurt dragon's fire from the exhaust. All were achieved obviously with magic so I'd say maybe don't go into Halford's asking how to make your Skoda shoot fire because they'll just send you away.


Following a broomstick chase while en-route to the Order of the Phoenix, proving the bike's incredible airborne speed, the Triumph was so badly damaged that Hagrid was forced to ditch it in mid-air. This didn't stop Mr. Weasley recovering it however and repairing it in the family garage, unbeknownst to his wife, Molly.


So if you happen to be a wizard on the lookout for a more interesting alternative to a flying cleaning tool, maybe consider a 1959 Triumph T120 as a base for your magical modifications. It'll look good, sound good and perhaps end up helping to bring down he who must not be named and save a boy with a funny scar.