Is he alive or dead? - Iron Man Mk. I

Words: Scott Blackburn

Composed to: Black Sabbath - Paranoid


Sometimes, when you're captured by a crazed terrorist cell and kept in a cave, forced to build a missile and in danger of death by shrapnel, your quest for transport gets a little interesting. Wouldn't you know it? That's just what happened to former arms dealer, Tony Stark.


What Mr. Stark created was unlike anything seen before, something very reminiscent of a certain Sabbath song. It would go on to inspire a series of planet-saving suits of armour for over a decade. Stark had created the first Iron Man.

Built out of what was intended to be a missile, the suit was composed of sheets of formed metal, fire-proof clothing and some rudimentary weapons. The Iron Man was powered by a miniaturised version of Stark's arc reactor, the same unit responsible for keeping shrapnel from entering his heart.

The suit's tough construction provided bullet resistance (provided a bullet didn't hit any of the exposed gearing) while the arm-mounted flame-thrower and missile launchers helped keep resistance to a minimum.

In addition to this, this early model was fitted with crude rocket boosters, allowing for short periods of flight. The integral gearing provided the wearer with additional strength too.


One thing you may have noticed throughout all this though is that I keep referring to the suite in the past tense, because it was unfortunately destroyed. However, fear not, all you need is some missile bits, like the ones that everyone just has lying around, some high explosives, a knack for engineering and an almost infinitely renewable energy source.

See? At Ferrous we aim to provide practical travel advice to those looking for a transportation with that little extra something, like flame-throwers.