The Pontiac that could think - KITT

Words: Scott Blackburn

Composed to: Anti-Flag - American Reckoning

Artist: Unkown

Artist: Unkown

At the pinnacle of the '80s was heavy metal, David Hasselhoff, and the wonder of A.I that was the Knight Industries Two Thousand, KITT. This sentient 1982 Pontiac Firebird was the ultimate in automotive crime-fighting. With his seemingly endless arsenal of gadgets and dry sense of humour, KITT came to be the greatest asset to the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG) in their battle against crime.


KITT was the brainchild of the late, eccentric billionaire, Wilton Knight. Knight was the founder of Knight Industries and FLAG.  The high-tech Firebird came about when Knight decided his Knight Industries Two Thousand cybernetic processor would be of greater use in a crime-fighting vehicle than in the U.S government main frame computer where it was first installed. KITT wasn't the first of his kind though, his predecessor and evil twin, KARR, was the first sentient crime-fighting machine.


The brilliantly named KARR was programmed for self-preservation however and this didn't sit too well with Knight's humanitarian aims, and KARR was subsequently destroyed by KITT and his driver, Michael. Michael Knight was the operator chosen by Wilton Knight to work with KITT, almost like a Batmobile that could think. The Knight Industries machine came with a fantastic array of gadgets, to the point where you'd begin to question where they were all stored.


KITT's exterior is coated in a Tri-Helical Plasteel Molecular Bonded Shell, allowing him to withstand almost anything besides artillery and rockets...and acid somehow. Everything down to the tyres is armoured with the coating made from three secret ingredients know only to three people, who knew only two of the components each. Power comes from the Knight Industries turbojet with modified afterburners and a computer-controlled 8-speed turbodrive transmission. This gives KITT the almost unbelievable 0-60 time of 2 seconds, allowing him to complete the quarter mile in 4.286 seconds.


KITT's brain is the Knight 2000 microprocessor which sits at the centre of a self-aware cybernetic logic module, meaning he can think, learn and communicate. Using the inbuilt 'alpha circuit' KITT can also take matters into his own hands and drive himself, allowing the driver to take full use of the entertainment system. As part of this KITT conveniently can run arcade games to allow you to relax a little while he drives for you.


In terms of gadgets, tools and '80s weirdness the list is endless. KITT comes equipped with rocket boosters, four different driving modes, grappling hook, oil jets, flame-thrower, tear gas, telephone comlinks and so much more. It's almost as though there's no scenario he can't somehow fight his way out of. Perhaps one of the most handy features on a day-to-day basis is the ability to remotely lock another car's brakes, which could make morning commutes much faster and more enjoyable.

KITT is certainly the most advanced machine to ever wear the Pontiac badge and an impressive piece of tech by any means. In terms of every day usability the average commute could definitely be spiced up a bit by being able to tear gas people who cut you up, and having an oil slick to get rid of tailgaters could prove handy.