Words Scott Blackburn

Composed to: Mötley Crüe - Shout at the Devil


Far in the future, but also now in the past ... just pretend it's the distant future. Everybody remembers the mining operations carried out on Jupiter right? Good. Obviously you're also on the look-out for a class II ship-to-surface transport, as we all are, so we've got the vehicle for you.


It's named Starbug and is built by the Jupiter Mining Corporation, not sure which version we're up to now, they keep getting crashed by morons but there we go. It's big, green and looks a bit like a bug with rockets up its arse. Starbug's appearance shouldn't put you off though, it's strength is in its practicality and durability, and easiness to replace.


Powered by conventional retro-booster rockets, Starbug is quicker than it looks and is plenty fast-enough for a bit of interstellar travel. It's also spacious, at about the size of your average house and divided into three sections.


Up front is the cockpit, with the middle given over to living quarters for the crew and the back used for cargo and engine housing. The crew quarters make Starbug inhabitable for plenty of time if the need be.


One of the major pitfalls it may be worth mentioning however is the armaments ... there aren't any. The only means of defence that crews have found is to launch piles of molten garbage out of the airlock and hope for the best.


That being said, with its space, surprising speed and eye-catching, nuanced exterior Starbug is sure to be just the class II ship-surface-transport you're looking for. Ferrous recommends picking one up today, before another one gets crashed into some outer-space rock.