The virtual motorcycle that comes out of a stick - The Light Cycle 5th Gen.


 The Light Cycle has long stood at the forefront of virtual motorcycle technology, now in its 5th generation the same is still true. The latest model stands well apart from its original predecessor but still bears the same Light Cycle hallmarks. It's definitely still the most effective tool for derezzing stuff at high know, for all the times you've wished you could dematerialise something with a motorcycle.


The 5th gen. Light Cycle isn't persistent like the 1st gen., instead it's formed from a Baton. These Batons have multiple uses besides the Light Cycle, such as a light sword, a cane and an umbrella which is less cool but still useful I guess. The rider takes a run-up, pulls the Baton in half and takes a jump. While in the air the Light Cycle forms underneath the rider, with the two halves of the Baton making the handlebars, just waiting for the likes of Triumph and Harley to catch up with the technology.


Current Light Cycles lack the canopy of the older models and appear more similar to real world motorcycles...just glowy and more dangerous. The front wheel is now also locked straight so turning is now controlled by leaning and not by making sharp, neck-cracking right angles. The Cycles are powered with a liquid energy engine and acceleration is controlled by pulling the two halves of the bike apart to increase speed.


What makes the 5th gens. a little more interesting than the older models too is the fact that the Light Ribbon, previously called a Jetwall, can now be toggled on and off. This allows for more control and makes duels a little more unpredictable seeing as you now don't know when you're opponent will turn on their Light Ribbon. The latest Light Ribbons also don't fully derezz players like the old Jetwalls, they simply derezz the Light Cycle and cause the rider to sustain injuries like those in the real world.


The lack of canopy means that riders can use their Identity Disks as weapons too while in motion, taking slashes at each other on the way past. Clu obviously has himself an improved Light Cycle, the specifications of which are largely a mystery other than the fact that it's faster...and yellow.


All in all the Light Cycle is still the ultimate virtual duelling motorcycle, it's only a shame we can't have them out here in the real world. It can only be imagined how fast a motorcycle would sell out if it was made to be mounted in the same way as a Light Cycle and left a weaponised beam of light in its wake.