Taking the fight to the Mysterons - The Spectrum Saloon Car

Words: Scott Blackburn

Composed to: Homeless Gospel Choir - Normal


'Leading the fight, one man fate has made indestructible, his name: Captain Scarlet.' Spectrum and their indestructible Captain are keeping the world safe from the Mysterons on a daily basis, however there's one piece of kit they rely on in almost every mission: the Spectrum Saloon Car. This pointy-nosed, equally scarlet machine and its array of advanced equipment enables Spectrum agents to always be one step ahead of the Mysterons and their deep voices.


The Saloon is smaller than much of the Spectrum arsenal and is dwarfed by machines such as the SPV but is in turn much faster with a wider range of capabilities. The exterior might be reminiscent of a certain fish-fighting submarine with its pointed nose loaded with technology and weapons and the fin on its back. The bright red fleetonium Saloon features a split screen similar to the ones found on old VW campervans...similar machines really. Having the capacity to carry five agents and plenty of ground clearance underneath thanks to individually sprung wheels makes the Spectrum Saloon a versatile vehicle.


In order to ensure Spectrum's agents get where they're needed as fast as possible the Saloon is powered by hot gas from the combustion chamber which is used to drive the compressor which in turn drives the turbines. The surplus heated air is forced out of the real grill, creating a dramatic flame trail when the throttle is opened through the six speed gearbox. The same idea that was being toyed with in concept cars back in the '50s and '60s, obviously by 2068 they got it work. Reaching stupid speeds isn't an issue either when you know you can stop just as quickly with specially designed electromagnetic brakes.


Where the Saloon shines the most however is its on-board kit. The Scarlet-mobile comes with a special transistorised ultra high frequency transceiver radio to allow agents to stay in constant contact with Cloudbase and the Angels. The nose of the car hosts the most interesting array of anti-Mysteron tools with two side mounted sub-machine guns which are detachable for carrying if necessary and a retractable ramming spike just in case those aren't enough. But never fear, Spectrum are a safety conscious alien-fighting force, the Saloon's long nose also houses an infrared scanner to allow the Saloon to maintain a suitable distance from other vehicles on the motorway.   


All in all the Spectrum Saloon is a serious contender for ultimate Spectrum machine, capable of making Mr. Bond's DB5 a little nervous. With all its kit and impressive power train the scarlet machine is the first thing you'd want to see if you heard the Mysteron's deep, disembodied weird Martian voice in your head.