Wayne Enterprises' ultimate machine - The Tumbler

Words: Scott Blackburn

Composed to: Metallica - Ride The Lightning

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It was considered by many to be the crowning jewel in Wayne Enterprises' illustrious crown, as it became the signature tool of Gotham's very own caped crusader, the heavily armoured orphan that is Batman. Complete with an inventive array of armaments the Tumbler helped defeat the League of Shadows, a crazed clown, and a musclely Darth Vader.


The Tumbler finds it origins in the Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences Division, originally designed as a bridging vehicle for military use. However its fame comes from its use by the Batman...funny how he managed to get hold of an expensive piece of Wayne Enterprises stock. From the outside the Tumbler appears as a brute of a machine, standing at a squat 15 feet long and 9.4 feet wide.


The power is derived from a 5.7L GM engine pumping out around 500hp, which seems like a lot until you consider that the beast weighs a good 2 tonnes or more with all its armour and kit. That being said 0-60 is still reached in a healthy 5.6 seconds and the beefy, black arsenal can still reach 160mph at full pelt.


It's when you examine the on-board wizardry that things get really....Batmany. When set to 'Attack' mode the driver is moved to the centre of the car and laid flat with their head sat behind the panel between the prominent front wheels. This allows for more precise control and gives a better idea of what you're shooting at when you unload the two machine guns mounted in the nose.

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The machine guns are complimented by the missile launchers and deployable mines. The rear end features a chunky jet engine to allow for a little boost when you need it and the handy ability to make jumps without a ramp. At the back there's also a set of six flaps to assist the brakes when you inevitably overdo it jumping a bridge Blues Brothers style and an integrated fire extinguisher system so you don't end up looking like Harvey Dent if the cab catches fire. For stealth missions the driver can engage the stealth mode, where the exterior lights are turned off and the power drawn from an electric motor, making it extremely difficult to find at night in its matte black.


To top it all off, just in case the Tumbler gets too beaten up mid clown chase, the two front wheels can separate from the rest of the machine to form what Batman calls the 'Batpod'. Still not as handy as Bat Shark Repellent. It must be said that anyone could see why Batman chose to go for the Tumbler when he was looking for his next car. The impressive beast of a machine has everything anyone could need for fighting the weird number of villains that keep attacking Gotham.

Scott Blackburn