The backbone of the Resistance - The X-Wing

Words: Scott Blackburn Images: Star Wars

Composed to: Seasick Steve  - Can U Cook?


When you think of the Resistance, as we all do obviously, you probably think of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and X-Wing fighters. The trusty X-Wing was with the Resistance from day one and served them time and time again in hindering and crippling the Empire and the New Order after it. That is after the X-Wing was very nearly the tool of the Empire itself.


With the distinctive 'X' shape of its S-foils the X-Wing is one of the many pieces of bulletproof tech in the Resistance arsenal. Designed for dog-fighting and long range missions the versatile fighter is a direct descendant of the fighters used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. These fighters of old were built by the Incom Corporation who, after their success supplying the Republic, wanted to build something even better. They wanted a hyperdrive-capable fighter that could be put to use anywhere by anyone.


What they came up with was the T-65B X-Wing fighter. It measured in at 12.5m and carried one pilot and one Astromech droid, with four laser cannons, one on the end of each foil and proton torpedoes in the fuselage. By the time it was born however the Republic had fallen at the hands of a hooded geriatric and his badly singed protégé. Incom went to the Empire with their design but they passed it up in favour of the cheaper TIE range of craft. With nowhere else to go Incom's quietly brilliant design landed in the hands of the Resistance and stayed there.


The Rebel Alliance used the T-65B to...well, rebel for decades, using them to destroy two Death Stars and cripple the Empire. Thirty years later the Resistance was using an updated model, the T-70, to fight the New Order, quite successfully at that.  For anyone looking for a highly-capable, resistance-tested, empire-proof fighter the X-Wing is a pretty solid choice by all accounts. Even Luke Skywalker flew one.