The LiveWire is now live

Words: Scott Blackburn Images: Harley-Davidson


Towards the end of last year we brought you Harley Davidson's plans for their 2020 model year. Now the order books have finally opened for one of the most talked about aspects of that plan, the LiveWire.

The LiveWire is Harley's first electric bike and one of the first to come out of a major manufacturer. Harley opened the orders to huge numbers of eager customers this week, with their Managing Director encouraging those who want one to get off their arse and order it, they'll go quickly.


He's probably right, with the automotive world moving ever towards electricity this first major step for the world of mass-produced motorcycles will likely draw a bit of a crowd. That being said, with a price tag set at £28,995 that audience is likely to be of a certain demographic.

The LiveWire boasts a range of 88 miles combined, a 0-60 time of just 3 seconds and a 0-80% fast charge of 40 minutes. These figures admittedly don't actually sound that impressive by electric standards, but Harley are confident the bike won't leave anyone disappointed when they finally get their hands on it.


Eager buyers will do so later this year, in the autumn. As well as the LiveWire, Harley are planning to release a series of smaller, lighter, cheaper electric models to act as stepping stones into the brand.

These will include some smaller motorcycles but also some much smaller urban commuter machines, more similar to electrically assisted push bikes. These baby brothers are set to be released somewhere around 2021-2022, with no prices announced as yet.