Zero’s Minimalist Yet Promising 2020 Plans


The California-based electric motorcycle brand, Zero Motorcycles, has just announced it’s not so revolutionary plans for 2020. While not earth-shattering, they are promising though, as they mark growth in the world of electric motorcycles, as the world of electric cars begins to boom alongside it. 

Following the last update earlier this year, the latest announcements see a new model launched onto the international market, some price shifts, some tech updates and some shiny new colours. 


Black Forest DSR

The Black Forest DSR, for those who don’t already know, is Zero’s kitted-out version of the standard DSR with a cooler name, featuring a series of extra kit to make it a little more rugged and better suited to a more adventurous market. 

Us lucky lot in Europe have already had access to the Black Forest DSR, however, the rest of the world has been denied access, until now. 

This adventure-esque machine will now be available to the rest of the world too, a marked expansion for Zero and the electric bike market as a whole. 


Updated price tags for the SR and DSR models

Another promising update is the reduction in price tags for a few key models in the Zero lineup, including the DSR and the SR. 

The standard DSR is seeing a drop of $1,000, now priced at $15,495. This is still pricey, but it marks the beginning of the decline into affordability that will make the new technology mainstream.

The SR 14.4, which is in essence a street version of the DSR, gets the same drop in price tag, hitting the same new mark as the standard DSR. 

At the lower end of the power spectrum sit the DS and the S, which are now $10,995 for the 7.2 kWh variant and $13,995 for the 14.4 kWh model. 


Fancy new colours

You can now select your Zero in a broader range of colours, with nearly every model in the lineup receiving new options. 

The S and SR are now available in an updated blue- and red-accented black respectively, and the dirt bike-esque DS now comes in ‘Mojave’, or brown for us normal people. Finally, the FX will also be available in Slate grey.


All models to receive the phone app

Zero’s phone app, which allows remote monitoring and customisation amongst other things, will now be rolled out across their entire range, having previously only been available to buyers of the SR/F.