‘Rebel Rebel’ - CALLUM’s Vanquish 25

Words: Scott Blackburn


If you’ve had your head in the car scene for long enough, you will likely have heard the name Ian Callum. Ian has had a hand in the design of some of the most iconic cars in recent history, including the DB7, the F-Type and the RS2000. Now though, having left Jaguar earlier this year, Ian has struck out on his own. 

Ian’s new Warwick-based design firm, CALLUM (he insists he didn’t pick the name), has released its first project, based on one of Ian’s most famous designs, the 2001 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. 


The Vanquish 25 represents a complete yet restrained overhaul of the Vanquish’s original form and function. Ian wanted to create the refresh that he always believed the Vanquish needed but now entirely on his own terms, the result is something you wouldn’t miss in a hurry. 

The front grille has been redesigned to be sharper and wider, complimenting the wider-appearing rear stance and slightly larger 20” wheels. The wing mirrors have been completely redesigned, replacing the original units borrowed from a Jag. 

Around the back, the diffuser has been brought higher up the tail, eating into the rear bumper and providing a much more aggressive appearance. The exhaust tips are in a contrasting orange, with one of two of my favourite features printed on the underside: “Made You Look.”


My other personal favourite is the ‘Rebel Rebel’ on the new fuel filler cap, chosen not only in homage to Bowie but also because that’s how Ian claims this new machine makes him feel, which is probably how all car design should be. 

On the inside, Ian was keen to make his mark. The interior, and indeed other parts of the car, features what CALLUM calls ‘abstract tartan’, sporting some of Ian’s national heritage. This pattern is dotted throughout the cabin and repeated on the bonnet vents. 

The driver now sits lower in the car, feeling more planted and the redesigned seats feature the new CALLUM logo. On the dash is mounted one of the new nods to indulgence, a dismountable Bremont watch face. 


The engine has been given a work-over too, now making around 60 bhp more thanks to modified software, camshaft and exhaust. The special Michelin tyres coating the new 20” rims sport the conceptual tartan pattern. 

For those looking to get their hands on a Vanquish 25, prices start at around £550,000 with deliveries set to begin later this year and the total run of 25 to be finished by the end of 2020.