Land Rover Return to Their Roots With the New Defender

Words: Scott Blackburn

In December 2015, the last of the original Defenders rolled off JLR’s Solihull production line. The model had been in service longer than any of its siblings and was the definition of a ‘go anywhere, do anything’ vehicle. 

Anyone who has paid attention to even the smallest amount of automotive news, however, will know that Land Rover has a new Defender on the way, styled after its predecessor. 

The new machine now has a release date too, set to to formally see the light of day at the Frankfurt Motor Show on the 10th September this year. While JLR have been showing off their disguised new Defender at Goodwood, shots have since been leaked from the set of the new Bond film which show the car in full. 

Not that this is a special revelation at this point, but it is possible to see some of the old Defender in the new model, which, by all accounts, is set to bring Land Rover a little of their off-road reputation back. 

The new Defender has been subject to a rigorous testing regime across the UK, US and UAE to make sure it’s fit to wear the badge. In a further case of leaks, it’s been revealed that there will be six engine variants available. 


These include two petrols, three diesels and a plug-in hybrid, with the hybrid presenting the most powerful option at 398 bhp. In addition to this, a whole family of Defenders is being planned, allowing for the traditionally broad range of customisations you can expect from Land Rover. 

The mid-size 110 model is set to be released this October, the short 90 in March 2020, and the large 130 in August 2020. While official prices have yet to be released (or leaked) the base 90 is predicted to begin at around £40,000.