The flying French motorcycle - The Lazareth LMV496


Over on the continent in France there's a special factory, making some bloody weird stuff ... brilliant, but weird. This factory is operated by custom automotive builder, Lazareth and their creator, Ludovic Lazareth.


In the past Lazareth have been responsible for all sorts of amazing projects like stuffing a V8 into a Mini pickup and creating a whole host of stupidly powerful motorcycles. Their latest machine however is something in a league of its own.


What they've created is a flying motorcycle, the LMV496. The base model for the LMV is Lazareth's own LM847, which is to all intents and purposes just a Maserati V8 with handlebars and wheels.


The LMV496 though is composed of a Kevlar-carbon composite body and a sort of twisted hybrid propulsion. When on the road (yes it's a Transformer) it uses an electric drive-train, with a slightly weedy 100km range, not that that's what we're focussing on here.


The other aspect of this thing is that it flies, using a set of four kerosene-fuelled turbines which fold out of the side of the bike at the touch of a button. While in the air the sophisticated control panel gives the rider/pilot? all the information they could need.


All together the turbines churn out some 1300 horses to get the LMV496 off the ground. With a lightweight body and controlling riding position you're well-placed to make use of the power in either mode.


Regardless of any practical flaws with this thing the whole concept is so entertainingly insane and brilliant that you can overlook almost anything, just because someone actually went and did it.


Only five LMV496s are due to be built, to order, and one has already been taken. Orders are open now if you've got the money and the nerve.