McLaren Dig Out the Golf Clubs

Words: Scott Blackburn


This week, McLaren Automotive have announced that just nine years into the company's history they've hit middle age. This announcement comes in the form of the new McLaren GT. Reviewing the release materials the one word that stays with you is 'refined'.

This seems to be the driving concept here, that and golf. Aimed at a new audience, the GT shares some visible Speedtail DNA but is an entirely different beast in terms of temperament. Powering this new machine is a respectable 4 L, twin-turbo'd V8 making 612 bhp.


That 612 bhp gives the GT a 0-62 of 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 203 mph, which are very McLaren-esque numbers. The difference comes when you look at the ride height and the storage space.


The tailgate boasts 420 L of storage and a smaller front compartment holds an extra 150 L. In McLaren's own words "A golf bag or two pairs of 185cm skis and boots as well as luggage can be carried with ease." The ride height has also been increased and the suspension tailored for a more comfortable long-haul experience.


Inside you'll find a 12-speaker, Bowers & Wilkins audio system and the most sophisticated infotainment system McLaren have ever used. The instrument cluster contains gauges which are described as being "like those seen on an aircraft."

At almost 4.7 m the GT has been orientated towards the long-hauling, golf-playing, greying crisis end of the market. However, in the process what they've created is something actually kind of cool.


They've blended their hypercar know-how and impressive figure sets with a previously more Jaguar kind of market. The result is something that could actually pump some life back into golf, if you know that when you pull away from 18 holes of avoiding your wife you can hit over 100 mph in under 9 seconds.

Orders for the GT are now open, with a starting price of £163,000 and deliveries set to begin towards the end of 2019.