The Helmet That Took on Arnie


Ever been riding your bike and thought “I don’t feel like enough of a sexual tyrannosaurus in this helmet”? Well, now there’s a helmet for you! A few months back, courtesy of Chopper Helmets, we got our hands on something fun. We were kindly sent a Predator helmet from their range of custom, movie-themed motorcycle headwear.


Making a striking presence, the helmet looks like the real deal, or at least as much as a helmet can. With a gratifying slider for the visor and even a model targeting light on the side, the Chopper Helmets model would certainly get you a little closer to that jungle-esque feeling, as though you wanted to chase a large Austrian man through the trees. 

Thanks to Chopper Helmets for sending the kit over, the model we received is DOT-tested and can be found with the rest of their themed range, including Star Wars and GoT, at their site