'It's not a film about motorcycles, it's a film about motorcycle people.' - Oil In The Blood

Words: Scott Blackburn


By now if you're into your bikes you've probably caught wind of the film title Oil In The Blood. This new feature-length documentary directed by Gareth Maxwell Roberts is a British made study of the recent explosion in custom motorcycle culture, set to release this year. The predominant synopsis that people have used so far is that 'it's not a film about motorcycles, it's a film about motorcycle people.'

The angle taken by this new exploration is that the recent explosion in custom culture, specifically in the last two years, is one of rebellion. The film suggests that it's in some way a counter-culture, a means of taking back motorcycles from the big brands and creating something new.

'The last two years have witnessed an explosion in motorcycle culture. A generation no longer forced into study under the auspice of a guaranteed rosy future were effectively set free to create, make and build their way out of economic turmoil, creating custom motorcycles unlike those ever seen before.'

Oil In The Blood aims to ask questions about the meaning of the culture and where it might be headed next, and ask those questions to the drivers of the scene. The comparison made is to punk rock, in the sense of whether it will succeed in making a difference or become something else that people just use to make money. Whatever you think the answers to these questions might be, it's probably worth finding out what those considered to be the driving force imagine for the culture next.